December 16-31

A slightly slower fortnight in the lead up to New Year's Eve - but don't worry, 2022 is going to be a flurry of improvements and new things!

Happy New Year everyone! πŸ₯‚

πŸŽ‰ New

  • New Institutions
    We added XP Investimentos and BTG Investimentos to our range of supported institutions. You can use these institutions with our Institution Portfolios.

πŸ’ͺ Improved

  • Updated currency descriptions in API reference
    Previously, our description for this response parameter may have indicated that only three specific currencies would be returned. We changed it so that you now know that you can expect any currency to be returned, such as USD or EUR.

  • Improved Postman collection endpoint names
    To avoid confusion, the endpoint names in our Postman collection now reflect the naming in our API reference.

  • Gig-economy description for accounts.balance
    We added what the available and current balance means for gig-economy accounts.

  • Better description for Balances endpoint
    To save you some time and head scratching, we added a note about Savings accounts and the Balances endpoint. Now, you should be able to easily identify which accounts you can use the Balances endpoint for an get accurate data.

⚠️ Deprecated

No deprecation scheduled for this fortnight.

🐞 Fixed

  • Incorrect error example in our Widget for Web Exit Callback
    Previously, we showed the Link duplicated error in the example, which is now no longer possible. We changed it to reflect our latest updates and to avoid confusion for you.