Connect to any financial institution in Latin America with Belvo.

Build fintech innovations on top of any banking, fiscal and gig institutions in Latam.

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Get your Belvo API keys

Learn how to Create a Belvo account and get your API keys to start building on sandbox and production environment.

To start using Belvo products, you need to create a Belvo account and generate a secret key.

Register to Belvo

Create your account

Register to Belvo by creating an account in our website.

Confirm your email

Once registered, you will receive an email to confirm your email address.
Open your inbox and click in the confirmation link to complete the registration:

Confirm your email

John Doe, you are about to access Belvo.
But before that, we need you to confirm your [email protected] email address.

[I am the owner of this email]

Access the dashboard

Once your email is confirmed, you will be redirected to Belvo's dashboard.
Using this dashboard, you can generate your API secret keys but alos setup your Belvo account, contact our support team and see your activity logs.

Generate your secret key

Belvo offers two environments:

  • Sandbox, a test environment with fake data for development phases
  • Production, a live environment used with real connections to institutions

To use each environment, you need a secret key:

  • Navigate to the Summary section of the dashboard
  • Expand chosen environment's Secret key section to generate the key
  • Copy the two values you need to query Belvo products: secretId, secretPassword


Secret Key

For security reasons, we only show the secretPassword once in the dashboard after the generation. You will also receive an email with both secretId and secretPassword. Make sure you store it securely to be able to retrieve it later.

Once the key is generated, you will also receive an email with your new secret key.

Hello from Belvo! Here is your new secret key.

ALIAS:    production
ID:       485bb7e2-c7b1-4971-936c-42fe1ecea0aa
PASSWORD: OR6ngEaMIQ-AxV#[email protected]#N4OXVax1SlAIrnuwa

Thank you for using Belvo!

Test Belvo

You can start testing Belvo by following one of those guides:

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Get your Belvo API keys

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