Get your Belvo API keys

Let's get you some API keys so you can start using Belvo 🤓.

To get started with Belvo, you need to create a Belvo account and generate your API keys.

Create a Belvo account

  1. Go to the Belvo Dashboard sign up page and fill in the required fields.

Belvo sign up page

  1. Check your inbox for an email from us and confirm your email address.
    The subject line will be: [Belvo] Please Confirm Your Email Address

✳️ Awesome! Once you click on the link in the email, you'll be redirected to the Belvo dashboard! In the dashboard, you can set up your account, check your activity logs, and generate your Belvo API keys.

Generate your API keys

Now that you have an account - let's generate some API keys to start working with Belvo.


Belvo environments

Belvo offers three environments:

Sandbox - a test environment with dummy data that you can use for unlimited development and testing.
Development - a test environment where you can test with real credentials and institutions, limited to 25 links.
Production - a live environment used with real connections to institutions

For each environment, you need separate API keys.

To generate your API keys:

  1. In the Sandbox environment, go to the API Keys tab of the dashboard. We recommend that you use the sandbox environment to play around with our API.
  2. Click on Generate API Keys, which will automatically generate your API keys.
  3. Copy and save the two values you need to query Belvo products: secretId and secretPassword.

API keys tab in the Belvo Dashboard


For security reasons, we only show the secretPassword once in the dashboard after the generation. Make sure you store it securely to be able to retrieve it later. If you lose your secretPassword, you'll need to reset your API keys.

✳️ Done! Now let's download and set up our Postman collection so you can quickly test out how to interact with our API 😉.