Our Receivables resource lets you get a comprehensive view of your user's current receivable holdings.

We refer to links created with receivable institutions (such as Rede or Getenet) banking links.

With Belvo's Receivables resource, you can access information about your user's receivables holdings across receivable institutions.

Receivable Transactions

With our receivable transactions resource, you can gain access to every transaction processed by the end user (business) conducted through a POS terminal. For each transaction, we return the:

  • gross and net amounts
  • type of card used
  • fees applied to the transaction
  • and more!

We offer the following methods when it comes to interacting with instrument transactions:

RetrievePOSTRetrieve all receivable transactions related to a specific link.
ListGETList all the receivable transactions for all the Links already associated with your Belvo account.
DetailGETGet the details of a specific receivable transaction.
DestroyDELETEDelete a specific receivable transaction from your Belvo account.