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Test with Postman


In this section, you will learn how to configure Postman to start testing Belvo' products in sandbox or production environment.

Before implementing the full solution, you can use a tool like Postman to test the entire functionality of Belvo without coding a single line.

Step 1: Install the Collection

To install the Postman Collection, you must install the Postman App for Windows, Mac or Chrome. You can download any of these from the Postman Apps page.

Next, use this button to install the collection:
Run in PostmanRun in Postman

Postman will prompt whether you want to open the Collection in Postman for Chrome or Postman for Windows / Mac. Select the application you installed.

Once you make a selection, the selected Postman application will open and the collection will be imported.


Collection folders

Our API Collections are organized in folders that categorize the various API calls. For example, you will find all the Accounts methods under the Accounts folder.

Step 2: Configure the Postman Environment

Belvo is offering two environments:

  • Sandbox, a sandbox environment with test data perfect for test and development phases
  • Production, a live environment used in production with real connections to institutions

The Belvo Postman collections make use of environment variables to customize the requests that are sent. More information on managing Postman environments can be found at Setting up an environment with variables.
You must create an environment and configure the following variables:

  • secretId: your Secret Key ID
  • secretPassword: your Secret Key PASSWORD
  • baseUrl: (for sandbox) or (for production)

If you are not sure on how to get these ID and Password for each environment, you can check our guide on how to Get your Belvo API keys.

In the screenshot below, you can see a Postman environment configured with the secretId, secretPassword and baseUrl variables defined:


Initial value and current value should match

Make sure that your secretId, secretPassword and baseUrl are properly stored as initial value and current value. This is important to prevent potential credential errors

Step 3: Execute a request

Once the environment is configured, you can follow these steps to execute an Belvo API method. We are reproducing the steps to make a GET call to the Institutions endpoint to retrieve the available institutions we can gather information from.

Select the environment you want to work with

Select the relevant API method in the collection folder

Click the Send button

Video tutorial

You can follow all previous steps and see a demo of our Postman collection in the following video:


You can explore the different endpoints available in our Postman collection. Depending on the HTTP Method and endpoint you will see the parameters in the Params or Body tab.

You can test all endpoints using our sandbox environment to successfully create links with any credentials and pull test data.

All information about each endpoint is available in our API reference documentation.

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Test with Postman

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