Optimizing Pix via Open Finance conversion

This guide contains tips for optimizing your current or future implementation of Pix via Open Finance to help increase conversion and improve your users’ experiences.

Optimizing conversion

In order to optimize the conversion rate there are several initiatives that you can take which will depend on your use case and how you have or are integrating to Belvo.

Pre-payment optimization for conversion

Before the payment is initiated it’s important for users to understand that you use Belvo and why you do so, the benefits of Pix via Open Finance and what’s going to happen next.

Present Pix via Open Finance in an easy way

How you present the Pix via Open Finance method to users can greatly improve its adoption and usage. While you might be familiar with what open finance is, it’s preferable to name the payment method in a way that’s familiar to users and that is more related to their day-to-day.

For example, you could show Bank Shortcuts such as Pay with Nubank, Pay with Banco do Brasil, Pay with Itaú, and give the option to Choose another bank.

Alternatively, you can have just one option named Pix via Open Finance that refers to the banking payment rail that supports the transaction and that users are already familiar with.

Explain the benefits of Pix via Open Finance

Explaining why users want to use Pix via Open Finance over other payment methods is key. For example, using Pix via Open Finance is faster and easier as they will avoid manual data entry or avoid too many steps. Or users might benefit from knowing that they would pay directly from their bank account increasing security.

Explain that Pix via Open Finance is secure

It’s important to let users know that Pix via Open Finance is secure. Explain that the authentication or consent is done directly on their bank’s application and neither you nor Belvo will have any access to sensitive information.

Display trust symbols and badges to further instill confidence in customers, assuring them that their financial data is in reliable hands.

Provide context and anticipate steps

As it might be the first time that some users use Pix via Open Finance explaining what’s going to happen after clicking to pay with this payment method will help you manage the user's expectations. Disclosing the payment details as a first step can help leverage the understanding of the immediate next steps.

Managing the user's expectations is key for them to not feel surprised or confused with the steps of the payment flow.

Promote Pix via Open Finance

Rather than presenting Pix via Open Finance as one more payment method in the stack of options that users have, giving extra relevance to Pix via Open Finance will drive usage upwards. Present Pix via Open Finance as the default option, or alternatively add a design to its button that makes it stand out.

Incentivize the usage of Pix via Open Finance

Pix via Open Finance is much cheaper than traditional payment methods like credit cards. Give a small discount, faster delivery, or a small gift to incentivize your users to use Pix via Open Finance.

Explain why you use Belvo

If you are using Belvo’s Payment Widget then the users will navigate to Belvo’s environment to finish the payment. Explaining that you use Belvo as a trusted partner and why you do so it’s important for the users to feel secure once they move to the new environment.

Use other channels to engage with users

For users that have initiated a transaction but did not finish the payment, engage them through other channels to reinforce what Pix via Open Finance is and its benefits. For example, you could send an email to the users a day later with some key information about Pix via Open Finance.

Payment Widget optimization for conversion

If you are using Payment Widget you should make sure that the users feel secure in Belvo’s environment. We have two tools that will help you increase conversion after the Payment Widget is initiated.

Embedded Payment Widget on your application

When the Payment Widget is initiated, embed the Payment Widget on your application through the usage of Webviews. When the Payment Widget is embedded in your application the flow from one environment to another is frictionless and intuitive.

Customize Payment Widget

Belvo’s Payment Widget can be fully customized in order for the UI to look more similar to your application’s UI. Customize background color, accent or brand color, border radius, and much more. We can help you make this change, contact us at [email protected].

Add your logo

Send us your text and icon logo for us to add it to your configuration in Belvo in order for the Payment Widget to show your logo during the payment flow. Having your logo on the Payment Widget will increase the trust that users have in this environment.

Post-payment optimization for conversion

Present a post-payment screen

If you are using Payment Widget, after the payment is processed users must be redirected back to your application and you must show the Payment Widget again. The post-payment message will be managed by Belvo to ensure compliance with regulations.

If you are not using Payment Widget, communicating with your users post payment is important. Depending on the processing stage of the payment you can show a processing, succeeded, or failed screen.

Collect feedback after payment

If you are using Payment Widget, we have an exit survey to collect feedback but if you are not using Payment Widget then you can create one to get feedback from your users or you can do so through email.