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Build fintech innovations on top of any banking or fiscal institutions in Latin America.

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Data Aggregation


Access over 90% of bank accounts in LATAM to deliver more engaging experiences.

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Turn fiscal data into meaningful insights for your business and improve risk modelling.

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Data Enrichment and Insights


Get an overview of your customers' income attributes, risk factors, and recurring expenses.

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Our Connect Widget

Simplify your integration and ease the process for your clients by using our Connect Widget. Customize it to your brand and integrate it into your app easily.

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We've got all the docs, libraries, and tools to make your development as easy as possible:

Developer tools

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Belvo offers an open source quickstart application that outlines an end-to-end integration with our widget and API.

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If you have any questions, doubts, or run into a roadblock - just reach out to our technical support team!

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How Belvo handles security

Security is at the top of our priority list. Our platform uses the highest security standards to protect our customers' account information and their privacy at every step of the process.

Encryption built from scratch with bank-grade standards

Belvo was designed from the ground up to encrypt and store banking credentials. We use strong symmetric encryption algorithms, with timestamping and anti-tampering capabilities. For symmetric encryption and credentials storage, we use the battle-tested AES cypher. For message authentication, we use HMAC and SHA256.

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