August 2022

Europe might be on summer vacation, but we definitely weren't ⛱️.

Dashboard updates

Links view!

So, you know how we're all about bringing you the easiest, most intuitive, and best-in-class developer experience?

Well, you're just going to love what you can do with our newest feature: Links dashboard. But it's so much more than just a dashboard. With this new section you can quickly and easily:

  • view all the links created in your account
  • get the details regarding the webhook events and API calls made for that link
  • dive into each call and event - with just one click!

Now, no matter the complexity of your product, number of users, or size of your team, you'll be able to find, debug, and manage all your links from one place.

We're running around like some maniacs working on another super-secret project that'll surely lend you some ideas.

API and documentation updates

🎉 New

  • New Institution: Daviplata!
    You can now retrieve information for individuals from Daviplata (Colombia).
  • Custom overlay for the widget
    You can now customize the overlay color that appears when the widget is opened. Check out all the details in our Branding and customization article.

💪 Improved

  • Improved performance with List all transactions
    To your experience and performance, we've made the link id a mandatory query parameter when using List all transactions.
  • Added more examples to transactions
    We've added specific examples for transactions coming from savings or checking accounts.
  • Improved error documentation
    In our API reference you'll now see more specific information regarding the possible errors that you can encounter for each endpoint, as well as links to how to debug them.
  • Better external_id description
    To avoid some questions in the future, we rewrote our description and use case for external_id (used when creating links) to underline the fact that it can't contain any personal identifiable information.

⚠️ Deprecated

  • We no longer retrieve thepersonal_information field for Tax Status.

🐞 Fixed

And of course, there's always improvements that we can make in our documentation:

  • We showed an incorrect example for our fund field in investment transactions. Fixed!
  • Added nullable: true to certain institution fields as well as external_id (for those of you using our OpenApi specification to generate their SDKs). No more return errors!
  • Fixed about 50 small typos that were a little embarassing..

With ❤️, the "we-can-finally-enjoy-summer-time" Belvo development team.