🎉 Belvo API reference

We're really proud to show off our new API reference documentation 🤩.

Welcome to Belvo's API Reference documentation! We're always working hard to improve the experience for our developers - because we all know you want to get things working as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our solutions



Access and aggregate financial data.



Enrich financial data to obtain insights.



Accept and issue bank-to-bank payments.

📖 OpenAPI specification file

If you would like to download our API reference specification file, just click on the format you prefer:

Aggregation and Enrichment

Payment Initiation

ℹ️ OpenAPI: required and nullable fields

In our API specification, you'll see that some response parameters will have a required annotation. According to the OpenAPI specification, when a response parameter is marked as required, this means that the response key must be returned. However, the value of that response parameter can be null.


In short, any response parameter marked as required will be returned by our API, but the value can be set to null.

If you'd like to have more in-depth information about which field can be required and null, check out our OpenAPI specification file.

⛔️ Deprecated fields

In our schema, you may see that a field has been marked as deprecated. This means that this field is no longer maintained by the Belvo team. You may still receive data for this field depending on the institution, however, you should not rely on this field.