March 2022

We promise we were really hard at work making some snazzy improvements to our API, widget, and docs 😎

API and documentation updates

🎉 New

  • New resource: Tax retentions
    Want to get the tax retention data for SAT invoices? Well then, now you can with our Tax retentions resource! We only support POST requests for now, but we'll be expanding the range of methods ASAP!

  • Handle "secret question" MFA
    Our API (and widget) now handles the secret question MFA challenge! Check our Handling multi-factor authentication DevPortal article for more information.

  • Get notified of new balances with our new webhooks
    We've taken out a bit of the manual steps of getting the balances for your links. You can now receive historical update and new balances available webhooks!

  • Better duplicate transaction handling with our transaction_delete webhook
    We regularly monitor and clean transactional data in our database to improve the consistency of the data you receive. And now, whenever we spot a duplicated transaction, we'll send you a transaction deleted webhook.

  • Set up webviews in your React Native app!
    Yep, we finally finally have some documentation on how to implement Widget for webviews in your React Native app.

  • Welcome 🇨🇴 Nequi and 🇧🇷 Sicoob to our institution offering
    We've added Nequi (Colombia) and Sicoob Business (Brazil) to our list of supported institutions.

💪 Improved

Not a week goes by where we don't find a typo that we needed to fix - and this fortnight wasn't any different!

⚠️ Deprecated

No fields scheduled to be deprecated

🐞 Fixed

  • Deprecated fields in our accounts.loan_data object
    We noticed that we didn't add a deprecated note in our API Reference examples for loan accounts - sorry for any confusion!

With ❤️, the very caffeinated Belvo development team.