September 2022

Greenday might want to wake up when September ends, but we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! 🐿️

Dashboard updates

Lending analytics

Because at Belvo we are all about empowering the next generation of financial services to create amazing new financial experiences, we just added a new feature in da-house!

This time, we focus our efforts on lenders, to make their life easier, by providing access to raw and enriched data from open finance, without writing a single line of code.

And we came up with - drum roll - Lending Analytics!

Directly from Belvo’s dashboard, lenders can now access open finance data in three steps:

  1. Customize and connect: personalize the Connect Page with your brand elements and share it with your customers.
  2. Data download: retrieve raw aggregated and enriched data, ready to download in XLS format.
  3. Dig into the data: integrate the data into your current credit models to reinforce credit decisions and enrich your credit scoring.

API and documentation updates

🎉 New

  • OpenAPI spec now defines all possible filters
    We've added all the possible filters you can use while using the List all method in our documentation.
  • New 30-day refresh rate
    You can now create links with a refresh rate of 30 days! Useful for those of you that want to automatically update information about your clients on a monthly basis.

💪 Improved

  • Better Balance examples
    Previously we autogenerated the examples for our Balance resource, which resulted in examples that showed balances coming from several different accounts in the same JSON object (which is not possible at all). Now, each Balance example only shows one type of account associated with it.
  • Improved description for num_accounts in Risk Insights
    We received some feedback that the description wasn't that clear to our readers. So we improved that :).

⚠️ Deprecated

No parameters or resources scheduled for deprecation.

🐞 Fixed

And of course, there are always improvements that we can make in our documentation:

  • We improved the examples for our Receivables resource to make them closer to what you'll see in real life.
  • Fixed incorrect Detail examples (we previously showed that the Detail method returned an array, when it should be an object)
  • And of course, quite a few typo and OpenAPI fixes behind the scenes.