Connect Widget Overview (Regulated OFDA)

The Belvo Hosted Connect Widget for Regulated OFDA is a plug-and-play solution for both web and mobile applications that provides a secure and optimized authentication process for each institution. It follows BACEN's guidelines for Open Finance participants.

Open Finance participants must meet the standards set by the ecosystem, including following the user experience guide. The regulatory guide guarantees a transparent and standardized end-user experience for all participants.

Flow (OFDA)

The end-to-end integration involves your frontend and backend. Below is an overview of how you can create links with the Hosted Connect widget.

High-level flow of the OFDA consent journey using Belvo's webview widget

High-level flow of the OFDA consent journey using Belvo's webview widget

As you can see, your client-side and server-side will both be involved in the Connect Widget flow.
Here is an end-to-end example to illustrate each side's responsibility:

  1. Your user signs up for your platform.
  2. Your user clicks a Add a bank account button within your application.
  3. Your backend calls Belvo to get an access_token. Belvo will return a valid access_token that you can then pass to start the widget.
  4. Your user follows through the Hosted Widget journey. The user will be redirected to their institution to log in and provide consent to access their information.
  5. Once consent is granted, the user is redirected back to the Hosted Widget where they can see a summary of the data that is shared. The user can now safely close the widget.
  6. Belvo returns the newly created link id via callback to your frontend. Belvo will then start asynchronously retrieving the historical data for the link.
  7. Belvo sends a webhook to your backend once data is available for each resource.
  8. Your backend retrieves the data using a GET call, passing the link id as a query parameter.
  9. Belvo returns the info to your backend and forwards it to your frontend.
  10. Your user sees their financial data within your service.