🌏 Environments

We currently offer three environments: sandbox, development, and production. For each environment, you'll need to generate separate API keys.


Base URL: https://sandbox.belvo.com/
The Sandbox environment is dedicated for your testing and development phases. In this environment, you can create links without real credentials and you can pull test data from all endpoints.

⚠️The sandbox environment is refreshed frequently and your test data can be updated or deleted.


Base URL: https://development.belvo.com/
The Development environment is dedicated for testing with real credentials and institutions with real-world institutions. You can create up to 25 links for free in this environment.


Base URL: https://api.belvo.com/
The Production environment is dedicated for live applications with real connections to institutions. In this environment, you will need real credentials to create links and you will pull real data from the institutions.


For more information on our environment and how switch from one environment to another, check out our API environments DevPortal article.