Owners for employment aggregation

With our employment aggregation product, you also have access to owner information for each of your users. For example, for each of your employment aggregation links, you can retrieve their:

  • full name
  • document ID information
  • email address

To retrieve owner information for your employment aggregation users, just use the same resource as for our banking aggregation product:

RetrievePOSTRetrieve the owner detail of a specific link.
ListGETList all owners associated to your Belvo account.
ResumePATCHResume an Owner Retrieve session that was paused because an MFA token was required by the institution.
DetailGETGet the details of a specific owner.
DestroyDELETEDelete a specific owner from your Belvo account.


Employment aggregation supports owners too!

For each employment aggregation link you create, you can also query the owners resource to get key information about the user.