Retrieve Risk Insights

Send through your raw data and receive an analysis of your users.

Note: Belvo can process up to 10,000 unique transactions per request.

For the best results in generating risk insights for your customer's data, please follow these recommendations:

  • Provide 12 months of transactional data
    For optimal results, provide 12 months of transactional data for your customer. However, if you don't have access to 12 months of data, then you can still extract meaningful insights from three months of transactional data.
  • Include data from both checking and credit card accounts
    To get a more comprehensive view of your customer's financial habits, include transactions from both checking and credit card accounts.
  • Align reference dates with balance and transaction dates
    Our Risk Insights product requires that you specify a reference date from when you want the analysis to occur. This date should correspond with the date that you have the latest balance information across all accounts for your customer. Additionally, you should not send through transactions that occur after this reference date.
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