December 2021

Welcome to our documentation changelog where we provide you with a detailed list of changes made to our API, documentation, and dashboard!.

Dashboard updates

New activity logs

Have you seen our new Activity Logs? They've had a bit of a makeover!

As part of the improvements, you can:

  • Enjoy better navigation with our redesigned table and side panel
  • Get more detailed information for each request
  • Work faster thanks to our paginated view
  • Easily share request or response bodies to debug faster

Now get back to it and enjoy a smoother developer experience ^^.

Search through activity logs

Tired of scrolling through activity logs looking for that one specific event? Want to filter all your requests for just the ones for a given link? Well, now you can!

In your activity logs, just paste the Request ID or Link Id in the search box, and you'll get just the results you want ^^.

API and documentation updates

🎉 New

  • Risk insights (open BETA)
    Our new Enrichment product is available for all users to test out. Check out our docs on how to make the most of this new resource!

  • Investment Portfolios (open BETA) and Investment Transactions (Coming soon) documentation
    Want to get an overview of your user's investments? Then look no further than our Investment Portfolios resource!

  • New Institutions
    We added XP Investimentos and BTG Investimentos to our range of supported institutions. You can use these institutions with our Institution Portfolios.


Investment Portfolios are in open BETA for everyone to use. At the moment we only support single links for the following institutions and investment products:

Bradesco Retail (Brazil)FIXED_INCOMEDEPOSIT
Santander Retail (Brazil)FIXED_INCOMEDEPOSIT

💪 Improved

  • As part of an ongoing documentation audit to improve our accuracy, we identified that some fields were incorrectly marked as integers when they were supposed to be floats. Now that should all be a thing of the past! But if you think you spot a mistake - just write to us at [email protected]!

  • Loan accounts now return the contract_amount field in the loan_data object
    Now, you can know what was the initial calculated cost of the loan (principal + interest + fees).

  • Updated currency descriptions in API reference
    Previously, our description for this response parameter may have indicated that only three specific currencies would be returned. We changed it so that you now know that you can expect any currency to be returned, such as USD or EUR.

  • Improved Postman collection endpoint names
    To avoid confusion, the endpoint names in our Postman collection now reflect the naming in our API reference.

  • Gig-economy description for accounts.balance
    We added what the available and current balance means for gig-economy accounts.

  • Better description for Balances endpoint
    To save you some time and head scratching, we added a note about Savings accounts and the Balances endpoint. Now, you should be able to easily identify which accounts you can use the Balances endpoint for an get accurate data.

⚠️ Deprecated

  • We've removed the Accounts object from our Owners resource in order to save on duplicated information being sent. If you want to get account information for an owner, just use our Accounts resource.

  • We're removing the following fields from the loans_data object in our Accounts resource:

    • cutting_date
    • cutting_day
    • payment_due_day
    • limit_day
    • limit_date
    • no_interest_payment
    • last_payment_date
    • last_period_balance
    • next_payment_date

🐞 Fixed

  • Incorrect SDK examples for our Investment Portfolios and Investment Transactions
    Sorry about that - now you should be able to use our SDK for making calls to Invesment Portfolios without a problem.

  • Some schema examples did not show the id field in resource responses (both for 200 and 201 responses)
    Now, no matter what, we'll always return the id field for any resource. However, please remember that unless you make a request with save_data equal to true, then we will not persist the response to our database.

  • Missing fields in sandbox documentation
    We missed adding the external_id and created_at fields in our Advanced MFA flow example.

  • Incorrect error example in our Widget for Web Exit Callback
    Previously, we showed the Link duplicated error in the example, which is now no longer possible. We changed it to reflect our latest updates and to avoid confusion for you.

With ❤️, the very caffeinated Belvo development team.