February 2023

We have some lovely valentine API updates for you 🥰.

API and documentation updates

🎉 New

  • Payment Initiation for 🇧🇷 Brazil (OFPI) and 🇨🇴 Colombia (PSE)
    We can proudly announce that you can now make payments in Brazil and Colombia!
    For more information check out our Payment Initiation guides and API reference.
  • New 🇨🇴 DIAN fields + better response delineation
    You wrote. We listened! We've recently added a whole host of new fields for DIAN Tax Status and Invoice resources. We also made it much clearer (using the OAS oneOf parameter) the responses you can expect to receive for DIAN or SAT. Just click on the institution you're interested in (for one of the responses) and see specific information for that institution.
Invoices response example with institution delineation

Invoices response example with institution delineation

💪 Improved

  • Updated credit card bill payment statuses
    Previously, for credit card accounts we didn't mark payments for credit card bills as INFLOW transactions for Bradesco, NuBank, Santader, Itaú, and Itaucard. We do now!

  • Update the access_mode of a link!
    You can now update the access_mode of a link from recurrent to single (and vice versa) using our new Changle link access mode request.

  • Improved document ID types for owners
    We improved (and added) our descriptions for the types of document IDs we retrieve for our Owners resource.

Document ID descriptions

Document ID descriptions

  • Better description for our Categorize transactions request
    We noticed that some calls to our Categorize transactions resource were a bit strange. We investigated and decided to update our description to highlight that: Yes, you can send up to 10,000 unique transactions in each POST request 😎.

⚠️ Deprecated

Due to low usage, we deprecated our QuickStart App and will no longer maintain it.

🐞 Fixed

  • We noticed that we had incorrect query filters for our List Tax Returns resource. So we changed them:
    • informacion_general__ejercicio to ejercicio
    • informacion_general__tipo_declaracion to tipo_declaracion

With ❤️, the will-you-be-my-valentine Belvo development team.