January-March 2024


๐ŸŽ‰ New

Employments (Brazil)

Have you been waiting to retrieve employment data about your users in Brazil? In that case, the wait is over!!! With our new Employments (Brazil) product, you can ๐Ÿ˜€. Check out our dedicated article and API reference for the details.

Increased branding for OFDA widget

You can now customize your OFDA widget experience by applying your brand colors to key elements in the Belvo OFDA widget flow, allowing you to maximize conversion. For the details, check out the Add custom colors to the widget section of our Widget Branding guide.

OFDA Widget Migration Guide

Wondering how to alter your existing widget implementation to take advantage of OFDA in Brazil? Well, wonder no more! We created a dedicated guide that shows you step-by-step the changes you need to make.

New transacted_at field for OFDA transactions

You can now take advantage of a full timestamp for OFDA transactions using the transacted_at parameter, giving you increased precision regarding when a transaction occurred.

๐Ÿ’ช Improved

Create asynchronous link with enrichment products

When creating a link, did you ever also want Belvo to asynchronously generate income, recurring expense, and risk insights reports? Then you're going to be happy to head that you can now add INCOMES, RECURRING_EXPENSES, and RISK_INSIGHTS to our fetch resources parameter.

๐Ÿž Fixed

In our documentation, we also needed to clean up some typos and bugs, such as:

  • OFDA cutting_date: Previously we stated that this was the closing date of the credit card period, however, it is actually the date that the bill is due.
  • OFDA interest_rate_data: We incorrectly marked this as an array, when in fact it is an object.


๐Ÿ’ช Improved

Payment Link Duration

To reduce security and forgotten payment risks, as well as encouraging more prompt payments, we've changed the maximum duration of the expires_in parameter from 90d to 30d. For more details, check out our Create a payment link API documentation.

๐Ÿž Fixed

Plenty of fixes in our documentation to improve your experience and minimize errors that you may receive:)

  • Improved the documentation descriptions and regexes for all fields
  • Refined the error messages for invalid_choice and invalid
  • Improved delineation for OFPI request parameters
  • And plenty more!