Employment aggregation

Use our Employment product to access employment data such as work history and salaries in Mexico.

Employment Records

Our employment records resource lets you get a comprehensive view of your user’s current social security contributions and employment history.

With Belvo's employment records resource, you can access information about your user's current social security contributions and employment history. For each user, we return the:

  • personal data
  • work history
  • historical and current daily base salary
  • and more!

At the moment, the employment records resource is available for:

  • 🇲🇽 Mexico (IMSS)
RetrievePOSTRetrieve all employment historical data related to a specific link.
ListGETList all the employment historical data for all the Links already associated with your Belvo account.
DetailGETGet the details of a specific individual's employment data.
DestroyGETDelete specific employment data from your Belvo account.

Creating a link with Mexico's IMSS

To be able to use the employment records resource, you'll first need to create a link using our Register a new link method, providing the following parameters:

  • username: The user's CURP number. (Required)
  • username2: The user's email address. (Optional)
  • password: An empty string "".

When the link is created successfully, you'll receive the link id in the response, which you'll need to use in order to retrieve the specific information for the individual when making a Retrieve employment records request.