Junly (June + July) 2022

Summertime... and the writing is eassssy (🍹 + 🏝 + 😴 ) (But so many updates!)

API and documentation updates

🎉 New

  • Introducing: Receivables in Brazil
    You can now have access to receivable account and transaction data with just a few clicks. Check out our Receivables documentation for more information. Along with this new product, we also released two new institutions:

    • Rede
    • Getnet
  • Introducing: Investment Transactions!
    Now, not only do you have access to all the investment portfolio information for a link in Brazil, but also the transactions! At the moment it's limited to XP Investimentos (Brazil) but we'll be adding support for other institutions soon!

  • Widget branding and customization
    We've made a lot of improvements to our widget to make sure that you can:

  • Access to our raw openapi spec
    You asked and we delivered! Now you have access to our full OpenAPI spec, available in JSON and YAML formats.

  • More postman collections
    Head over to our Public Postman Workspace and have a look at our new one-click flows that'll make your experiments with our API even simpler and quicker (more coming soon!):

    • Single Link flows
    • ID verification flows
  • Improved performance with mandatory link_id in Transactions
    To improve your experience, and performance, we've added link_id as a mandatory query parameter when you List transactions.

  • Larger page sizes when listing resources!
    You can now add a page_size query parameter whenever you use our List method to customize how many records you receive per page. It's pretty nifty ;).

💪 Improved

  • Transactions now have examples from checking and saving accounts
  • A lot of tweaks to our OpenAPI spec (for a super secret project)
  • Our errors in the API reference section had a complete overhaul! More useful, more detailed, more "better".

⚠️ Deprecated

No parameters or resources scheduled for deprecation.

🐞 Fixed


  • Our docs for investment portfolio webhooks had a few "small" typos - but no more!


  • Our JSON examples for investments had some mismatching information - solved!
  • Our JSON examples for balances showed an account that apparently had loan, credit, gig, and fund information. Which is impossible! So we squashed that issue.

With ❤️, the "damn-are-we-ever-going-to-get-to-rest" Belvo development team.