June 2023

Summer is here! And we're 'junst' in time for some updates!


💪 Improved

Higher-quality responses for IMSS employment records

We're always focused on the quality of the data that we provide. That's why we've tinkered and tweaked our employment records integration with IMSS Mexico to improve not just the quality of the information data retrieved, but also the time it takes to retrieve it.

Support for credit card accounts in colpatria_co_retail

You ask, we deliver! You can now extract credit card account data from Colpatria Colombia!

🐞 Fixed

We do our best to make sure that we're bug-free (and have a whole bunch of insect repellent just in case), but when they do occur, we fix them ASAP:

  • In the links response, we were not including the credentials_storage, fetch_historical, and fetch_resource response parameters.

⚠️ Deprecated

e.firma support for SAT Mexico

We removed the need to add the read_links scope when creating an access token to launch the widget. We've made improvements in the backend to automate this process for you.


🎉 New

Upgraded risk insights!

We've leveraged our expertise, consulted the right folks, and dived into the data to provide your data science teams with over 400 new data points that they can use in their financial models! Check out the details in our Risk Insights API reference🤩.

Payment Initiation

💪 Improved

Metadata in Payment Links

Improved payment transaction filtering

We've added query filters to our List Payment Transactions resource to make finding the right transaction just that much easier 🏎️.

Documentation Portal

💪 Improved

Employment record filters

Previously, we didn't include the query filters for List Employment Records. Now, you can query to your heart's content!

Description of deprecated fields

We added a detailed explanation of how we go about deprecation at Belvo, as well as added callouts to endpoints where you might encounter deprecated fields being returned.

Example of a callout indicating that this resource may return deprecated fields.

Example of a callout indicating that this resource may return deprecated fields.

Improved descriptions for payment status update webhooks

We heard that our descriptions for our PSE and OFPI payment status webhooks weren't overly descriptive: well, we rolled up our sleeves and improved them for you!

🐞 Fixed

We're always brushing up on typos and improving descriptions, but these are the main ones that you should keep in mind.

Accounts schema fixes

In our Accounts schema, we fixed:

  • In the credit_data object, we accidentally included a parameter called end_date, which was not part our API schema.
  • In the credit_data object, we readded the deprecated parameter last_period_balance as you were asking what this parameter was and we didn't have it in our documentation.
  • In the loan_data object, we accidentally wrote that payment_day would return a date in YYYY-MM-DD format, when in fact it's just in DD format.

Omit and fields query parameters for Links and Institutions

We wrote that you could use the omit and fields query parameters when interacting with our Links and Institutions resources. However, when we were doing a sanity check, we found out you can't! So we removed these query parameters from our documentation for Links and Institutions.