August-September 2023

Ah, that sweet summer breeze, golden beaches, and delightful product updates!


๐ŸŽ‰ New

Shopify integration for Colombia

You can now add Belvo's PSE payment solution to your Shopify account in Colombia! For more information, just check our Shopify Colombia (PSE) documentation.

VTEX integration for Brazil

And for Brazil, you can now add Belvo's OFPI payment solution to your VTEX store - pretty awesome, right? For more information, just check our VTEX Brazil (OFPI) documentation.

Nequi now optimized for PSE Colombia

We expanded our optimized PSE payment flow to include Nequi, joining Bancolombia and Banco de Bogotรก. Now, making payments via our payment widget is quicker and simpler for your users with Nequi accounts.

Improved payment widget flow with the last bank account used

Our payment widget just got smarter!! Now, the widget will remember the last bank account used by your user so that the next time they want to make a payment, their account will be pre-selected. This not only simplifies the payment process but also boosts conversion rates.

๐Ÿ’ช Improved

ID validation for Colombia PSE

When creating a customer, we added input validation to ensure that your users provide the right ID number format given the ID type for payments using Colombia's PSE network.

Additional filter queries when listing payment intents

When listing payment intents, you can now:

  • use updated_at to filter results within a given time frame
  • use ordering to order the results by most recently updated (in ascending or descending order)
  • use search to filter your results by a given description.

For more information, check out our List Payment Intents API documentation.


๐ŸŽ‰ New

Improved data retention with stale_in

We're focusing heavily on making sure that you have complete control over how long Belvo stores user data. That's why we've created a new stale_in parameter that indicates after how many days Belvo should automatically remove data for a link. Read up on this new field in our Data Retention Controls article.

๐Ÿ’ช Improved

Additional bill details for OFDA credit card transactions

For our OFDA product, we added the following fields for credit card transactions to give you better clarity regarding which closed bill the transaction appears on:

  • bill_name - The name of the bill that the transaction appears on.
  • bill_due_date - The date when the closed bill is due to be paid.
  • bill_internal_identification - The institutions internal ID for the bill.

For more information, just check the response documentation for our Transactions resource.

API reference documentation excerpt for credit card transactions

API reference documentation excerpt for credit card transactions

Custom URL support for webview widget

We added support for adding your own custom deep-link URL for our Widget for Webviews, allowing you to receive webhook events at the URL of your choice. Check out our Widget for Webviews article for the details!

Customer callback URLs for OFDA widget

When creating OFDA links using our widget, you can now add the URLs your user will be redirected to after completing the process. For more information, read our OFDA widget token configuration documentation.

SAT Tax Returns improvements

Our team has been hard at work analyzing and improving SAT information to enhance your experience (there are some interesting improvements coming!).

This month, we discovered that for business tax returns filed after 2022, the fields estado_resultados, estado_posicion_financiera_balance, and conciliacion_entre_resultado_contable_fiscal are no longer returned and improved our data retrieval process. We updated our documentation to make sure that you know why these fields might be returning null.

โš ๏ธ Deprecated

Balances resource deprecated on 02.10.2023

We've removed support for the Balances resource. You can still retrieve balance information for your link by using the Accounts resource.

SDK limited maintenance until 31.12.2023

We have transitioned to limited maintenance mode for our SDKs and will no longer provide updates for new features. Essential security updates will continue to be provided until December 31, 2023.

After this date, our SDKs will be archived and no further updates will be released (however, you will still be able to download them). While you are welcome to continue using the code please note that you will be solely responsible for managing and implementing any required security patches or updates.


๐ŸŽ‰ New

Enrich your own data: Recurring expenses

Want to upload your own data and have Belvo identify your user's recurring expenses? Well it couldn't be easier with our EYOD Recurring Expenses product. Just provide a list of transactions, and Belvo will analyze whether your user has any recurring payments. Check out the details in our EYOD Recurring Expenses documentation.

Documentation Portal

๐ŸŽ‰ New

Data retention controls

Our new Data retention controls article breaks down how you can manage data retention at both link and resource levels, helping you make more informed decisions. If you have any more questions, just let us know using the Feedback button on the right!

We also updated our error documentation with the errors you can receive while using the credentials_storage parameter:

Open finance network operational limits

We've put together an essential guide on Brazil's Open Finance network limits, helping you understand how often you can retrieve data and how to manage those limits easily.

๐Ÿ’ช Improved

credentials_storage now supports custom date ranges

Previously, when you created a link you were limited to set the credentials_storage to a set period of days. Now, you can choose any value between 1d or 365d. You can read up on the details in our Data Retention control article.

Transaction status improvements

We've improved our transaction status categorization and with that, we've also updated our docs to reflect what possible statuses a transaction can have:

Transaction status enum description

Transaction status enum description

Receivables account example

This is a small one, but we finally added an example JSON payload for Receivable accounts. Now you know exactly what you can expect when requesting details for the account.

OFDA account numbers for credit cards

For credit card account numbers in OFDA, we return a concatenated string of one or more credit card numbers. We forgot to add that in our documentation, but now that's solved!

Updated description for OFDA credit card accounts

Updated description for OFDA credit card accounts

๐Ÿž Fixed

We're always brushing up on typos and improving descriptions, but these are the main ones that you should keep in mind.

  • Query parameter serialization
    Previously for _range or _in query parameters, they query parameter would be inserted for each item you added (for example: ?amount_range=5,amount_range=10 instead of ?amount_range=5,10). We fixed that and now they query parameters are added correctly.
  • List Transactions missing required link query parameter
    In a recent update to our documentation, we accidentally marked the link query parameter as optional. However, thanks to our users, we updated the documentation to show that this field is indeed required when listing transactions.
  • Missing employments-records webhook
    We forgot to publish the webhook you receive for employment record historical updates. But now, it's right here in our shiny DevPortal.