January 2022

Happy New Year everyone! 🥂 We hope you had a great start of the year, and to get us slowly into an awesome 2022, here's what we got up to:

Dashboard updates

Filtering activity logs

OK, so you have better activity log descriptions, a completely new design, and can search by link or request ID. But then we thought to ourselves: What would make it even more awesome? The answer: FILTERS 🎉

As of this second, you can filter your activity logs by:

  • Endpoint
  • Institution
  • HTTP Method
  • Source (whether the request was made from the API or Widget)
  • Status (Success or Failure)
  • HTTP Response code

And before you ask: Yes, you can combine filters and search results to get even more precise results 🤓.

Oh and just wait - we have one more loggy surprise coming your way soon!

API and documentation updates

🎉 New

  • SAT Blacklist Status
    We've added two new fields to our Invoices schema: sender_blacklist_status and receiver_blacklist_status. With these new fields, you can quickly find out if the invoice's sender or receiver is currently under investigation, blacklisted, or innocent of any incorrect activities according to Mexico's SAT.
  • 403 quota_limit_reached error
    We've added a new error to the Belvo API, and naturally, documentation on what to do when you encounter it.

💪 Improved

  • Added filtering examples Risk Insights, Recurring Expenses, and Investment Portfolios
    Now, when you use the List resource for Risk Insights, Recurring Expenses, and Investment Portfolios, you can see examples of how to filter your results in all our SDKs.

  • Improved Balance description
    We've updated the balance_available description for Loan accounts to reflect that this is the current amount remaining to pay on the loan.
    Note: If the institution does not provide this value, we return null.

  • IOF now standardized as OPERATION_FEE
    To increase consistency in our returned results, we've updated our schema to return OPERATION_FEE whenever we encounter IOF (or similar) for our Loan accounts and Investment Portfolios in Brazil 🇧🇷.

  • Better tips to avoid duplicated links
    We updated our Link creation best practices with some additional tips on how to avoid duplicated links in your application 🥸.

  • Better request validation and schema improvements
    We've been improving our API reference schema with more field validations to make sure that your requests are picture-perfect every time.

  • More pagination examples
    We went through our API reference to double check and add some additional pagination examples, to make your lives a little bit easier.

⚠️ Deprecated

No deprecation scheduled for this fortnight.

🐞 Fixed

  • Error in our Android documentation for Widget for Webviews
    We fixed a small bug in our Android Widget for Webviews documentation that would throw an error when you copy and pasted in the code example.
  • Error in our Ruby SDK example for Transactions
    We noticed our Ruby SDK example to retrieve transactions had a bug in it - but we corrected it quicker than it took to get the bug spray.

With ❤️, the post-new-year-festivities-and-ready-for-an-amazing-2022 Belvo development team.