July 2023

Ready for some jul-ightful updates? Let's go 🥳


💪 Improved

Improved product support for Colombian institutions

  • Colpatria: we now support retrieving data for credit card accounts
  • BBVA Colombia: we now support up to 12 months of data retrieval
  • Nequi: we now support up to 24 months of data retrieval

⚠️ Deprecated

SDK limited maintenance until 31.12.2023

We have transitioned to limited maintenance mode for our SDKs and will no longer provide updates for new features. Essential security updates will continue to be provided until December 31, 2023.

After this date, our SDKs will be archived and no further updates will be released (however, you will still be able to download them). While you are welcome to continue using the code please note that you will be solely responsible for managing and implementing any required security patches or updates.


🎉 New

Enrich your own data: Risk Insights

Want to send through your own data and get over 130 data points to input into your credit scoring model? Check out our new enrich your own data Risk Insights product and see how easy it is!

💪 Improved

Improved quality enrichment workflow

To give you the absolute best enrichment information, along with a more consistent workflow, we've changed the way we process the data. The new workflow requires you to first make a POST Retrieve Accounts, a POST Retrieve Transactions, and a POST Retrieve Balances request. After that, you can request incomes, recurring expenses, or risk insights.


The advantage of this new workflow is not only quicker calculations and a better data workflow for you, but also a better experience for your users.

Documentation Portal

🎉 New

Open Finance Data Aggregation documentation

With the upcoming release of Belvo's Open Finance Data Aggregation OFDA product for Brazil, we created some in-depth guides and updates to help you understand just how much more data you can access:

A guide to risk insights

To give you some tips and hints on how Risk Insights can help you and your data science team build credit models, we created an in-depth guide to risk insights that will certainly clear up some of those lingering questions.

🐞 Fixed

We're always brushing up on typos and improving descriptions, but these are the main ones that you should keep in mind.

  • Previously, we mentioned that the widget access_token was valid for 60 minutes, however, the correct duration is 10 minutes. Sorry about that!
  • When you create a link with credentials_storage set to nostore or 30d, we forgot to add that if you try to then request data after the period (30 minutes and 30 days, respectively), you'll receive a 404 Not Found error. We fixed that!