February 2022

Well, for those lovers of open finance and documentation, we've been got some pretty cool updates for you 😍.

API and documentation updates

🎉 New

  • New Accounts paramter: balance_type
    We added the balance_type to our Accounts schema so that you can quickly and easily identify if a balance is an asset (like a checking account) or a liability (for example, a credit card).

  • New Link parameter: institution_user_id
    For links created after 08-02-2022, you'll now receive the institution_user_id parameter. It's a unique 44-character string that can be used to identify a user at a given institution. For more information on how to use it, check out our tips for avoiding duplicated links.

  • New recurrent link refresh rate: 7d
    You can now set your recurrent link refresh rate to seven days! For more info, have a look at our recurrent link documentation.

  • Investment portfolios links now support recurrent mode!
    You can now create recurrent investment portfolio links - that's pretty awesome, right? And this of course comes with an added perk: historical and new investment portfolio webhooks!

  • New resources parameter for institutions
    We now list all the API resources you can use to interact with each individual institution. Just look at the resources parameter in the response of any institution.


With this improvement, you can also make sure that you only load the institutions that you want in the widget. For example, if you only want to display institutions that support investment portfolios, you just need to add INVESTMENT_PORTFOLIOS to the resources parameter in the widget startup configuration.

  • New WARNING event for disabled institutions in the widget
    We added a new WARNING event in the widget that's triggered when your users try to create a link with an institution that's currently disabled. Read more about the institution_disabled warning in our docs!

  • 403 access_to_production_denied error
    To help you improve your error handling, and also understand why you might be blocked when trying to make an API call, we've added the access_to_production_denied error.

  • 403 Forbidden error
    We finally documented our 403 Forbidden error that occurs when we find irregularities in the volume of calls you make.

💪 Improved

  • Sandbox improvements
    We updated our sandbox, and along with that, our documentation as well! Namely:

    • We removed the ironbank_mx_retail and ironbank_co_retail institutions (as they didn't actually exist in our sandbox - sorry about that).
    • Updated the amount of information retrieved for sandbox fiscal links.
    • Updated the number of balances retrieved for banking links.
  • Postman documentation
    To make sure that you always have the most up-to-date documentation in Postman, we've added links straight to our API reference and DevPortal. Now, we'll always be on the same page.

  • Updated quickstart application
    Our quickstart application now supports our branding and customization features! Check out our quickstart documentation for more information.

  • Our API now returns only one type of timestamp!
    We now only return ISO 8601-format timestamps, that is, 2022-02-01T20:25:47.307911Z.

  • Even better request validation and schema improvements
    We've been improving our API reference schema with more field validations to make sure that your requests are picture-perfect every time. And we've got some pretty cool things in line for Postman coming up too!

  • itau_br_business now supports credit cards
    Retrieve up to three months of credit card transactions with ease from itau_br_business

⚠️ Deprecated

  • Renamedsender_blacklist_status, receiver_blacklist_status, and not_blacklisted
    We renamed these parameters to sender_tax_fraud_status and receiver_tax_fraud_status to more accurately represent the information that we receive from SAT. Additionally, we renamed the not_blacklisted enum to no_tax_fraud_status.

🐞 Fixed

  • Widget SDK code examples
    In our Widget for Web, we found a few typos in our python and ruby code examples. Sorry about that - but now it's fixed!
  • Python SDK code examples for transaction webhooks
    Thank you so much for finding the typo! We had Transaction instead of Transactions. Sorry for any errors this caused!
  • SAT XML limits with eFirma
    Previously, we stated that you can retrieve up to 6000 invoices from SAT using eFirma. However, after some bug hunting, we found that it's just up to 2000 invoices.
  • Added missing payment methods to our SAT catalogs
    No idea how we missed this, but previously we didn't list the 30 and 31 payment types in our SAT catalogs documentation. Luckily someone caught it and we fixed it!

With ❤️, the very caffeinated Belvo development team.