Oct-Dec 2023


🎉 New

Employment Metrics

Our employment metrics resource gives you in-depth data points regarding your user's employment history. Using employment metrics you can get the following information for each of your user's current work status, most recent base salary, employment duration, and more!

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Credit card bills for OFDA

With our Bills product for OFDA, you can get information regarding the credit card bill associated with an OFDA credit card account. This includes: the total amount of the bill,
the due date for the bill to be paid, any fees and charges associated with the bill, and more!

For more details, see our:

My Belvo Portal

Introducing easy consent management for your OFDA users! The My Belvo Portal (MBP) allows users to manage the consent they have previously given to applications (using Belvo's OFDA product) to access their data in the Open Finance Network.

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💪 Improved

Retrieve invoices asynchronously

You can now make asynchronous POST requests for invoices! By using the X-Belvo-Request-Mode=async header, you can reduce your risk of timeouts and improve your overall product flow.

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Improved historical webhooks for SAT Invoices

To improve performance and your experience, our historical_update webhooks for SAT Invoices now send information in one-year batches.

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Default single link credentials_storage now 365 days

To improve our data retention policy, we have changed the default credential_storage value from store to 365d for single links.

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SAT Tax Returns: new fields for returns submitted after 2022

We've updated our response schema for SAT Business Tax Returns filed on or after 2022 with two new fields:

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⚠️ Deprecated

The following API resources have been sunset to improve our other product areas:

  • Investment Portfolios
  • Receivables Transactions
  • Balances

The following institutions have been sunset due to low performance:

  • Inbursa Mexico
  • Liverpool Mexico
  • PageSeguro Brazil

The following fields have been removed from our API responses:

emailEmployment Records MexicoLow probability of returning this field as it is now mandatory in the IMSS system.

🐞 Fixed

  • In transactions, the accounting_date field was previously documented as being a timestamp instead of a regular YYYY-MM-DD date. Now it's fixed!
  • In Invoices, the quantity field in the details object was previously retrieved as an integer. However, this did not allow for partial quantities (such as 0.7 of a kilogram), so we changed this field to a float.


💪 Improved

Payment intents can now be filtered by updated_at

With our List Payment Intents request, you can now order the response according to the last time the payment intent was updated.

For more details, see our:

Simplified customer creation for OFPI payments

When creating customers for OFPI payments, the email and name parameters are no longer required, simplify your flow.

Additional last_error errors for better troubleshooting

To provide you with even better granularity regarding the errors your users might encounter during the payment process, we've added the follow errors in the last_error object in payment intents:

  • missing_token_registration (link)
  • unauthorized_credentials (link)