Our Banking product lets you access account, balance, income, owner, and transaction data to get a comprehensive view of your end user.

We refer to links created with banking institutions (such as Santander or Bradesco) as banking links.


Business banks and additional requests

With business or commercial banks that require MFA, you can access data for up to 30 minutes after a user provides their authentication token.

In other words, after a user provides their authentication token to, for example, connect their account, you can make POST calls to the institution for up to 30 minutes before needing to request a new authentication token.


Our Accounts resource provides you with information regarding the bank account in a financial institution. A user can have several Accounts inside each Link. For example, one Link can have one checking account, several credit cards, and even loan accounts.

Use this resource to get information about a banking link's:

  • account type and category
  • current account balance
  • account currency
  • and so much more

We offer the following methods when it comes to interacting with Accounts:

RetrievePOSTRetrieve all accounts related to a specific link.
ListGETList all the accounts from all the Links already associated with your Belvo account.
ResumePATCHResume an Account Retrieve session that was paused because an MFA token was required by the institution.
DetailGETGet the details of a specific account.
DestroyDELETEDelete a specific account and all associated transactions from your Belvo API key.


Our Balances resource provides you with the financial status of an Link's account at a given time.

Use this resource to get information about a banking link's:

  • daily account balance over a period of time


Savings accounts that do not have any associated transactions (for example, some poupança accounts in Brazil) will not contain accurate Balance information. We do not recommend using the Balance endpoint for these types of accounts.

Savings accounts vary from institution to institution, so we recommend that you first use our Retrieve transactions for a link request, adding the account in the request body, to see if the Savings account has any associated transactions.

We offer the following methods when it comes to interacting with Balances:

RetrievePOSTRetrieve balances from a specific account or all accounts from a specific link. You can retrieve the balances at the end of the day for all accounts between two dates.
ListGETList all existing balances in your Belvo account.
ResumePATCHResume a Balance Retrieve session that was paused because an MFA token was required by the institution.
DetailGETGet the details of a specific balance.
DestroyDELETEDelete a specific balance from your Belvo account.


Our Owners resource provides you information regarding the person who is the owner of each account within a Link.

Use this resource to get information about a link owner's:

  • full name
  • phone number
  • mailing address
  • email address

We offer the following methods when it comes to interacting with Owners:

RetrievePOSTRetrieve the owner detail of a specific link.
ListGETList all owners associated to your Belvo account.
ResumePATCHResume an Owner Retrieve session that was paused because an MFA token was required by the institution.
DetailGETGet the details of a specific owner.
DestroyDELETEDelete a specific owner from your Belvo account.


Our Transactions resource provides you with detailed transactional information for an end user.

Use this resource to get information about a link's:

  • transaction history
  • the category for each transaction
  • the status of each transaction

We offer the following methods when it comes to interacting with Transactions:

RetrievePOSTRetrieve all transactions related to a specific account within a data range.
ListGETList all the transactions from all Links you have access to.
ResumePATCHResume a Transaction Retrieve session that was paused because an MFA token was required by the institution.
DetailGETGet the details of a specific transaction, using the transaction ID.
DestroyDELETEDelete a specific transaction from your Belvo account.

Categorizing transactions

Belvo’s Transaction categorization helps you understand and analyze data by categorizing your transactions. This means we use a combination of internal and external data sources to provide a standardized category and subcategory for each transaction as well as additional data regarding the merchant involved (name, logo, website URL). By categorizing your transactions you will gain:

  • actionable insight into your user’s income and spending habits
  • opportunities to improve your user’s financial health


Get Transaction categorization

If you opt in to enable Transaction categorization, just reach out to us and we´ll get right to it 😎.

Every time you make a POST request to our Transactions resource or a new transaction is identified for a recurrent link, Belvo enriches these transactions with an assigned category, subcategory, and merchant information (merchant’s name, logo, and website URL).

Here is the list of transaction categories and subcategories we support:


At the moment, we only support subcategorization in Brazil 🇧🇷 and for Income & Payments categories. For other category types and for clients outside Brazil or not using our Transaction categorization product, we return null instead.

CategorySubcategoryAssigned to...Transaction type
Bills & UtilitiesComing soon!- recurrent bills and expenses, such as electricity, internet, mobile phone, cable TV, rent (outflow), and other related transactions.

Transaction example: "HT TELCEL 018008"
Credits & LoansComing soon!- personal loans, including credit card cash advances, “buy now pay later” (BNPL), high-cost short-term credit, and microloans.
- mortgage, installments, credit card payments, and advance payments.

Transaction example: "ABONO A CREDITO GLOBAL"
DepositsNot applicable- ATM deposits, prepaid card top-ups, account top-ups.

Transaction example: "DEPOSITO INTERBANCARIO"
Fees & ChargesComing soon!- additional costs associated with financial transactions.

Transaction example: "COMISION EMISION"
Food & GroceriesComing soon!- purchases in liquor stores, including beer, wine, tobacco, and smoking products like electronic cigarettes.
-bars, cocktails lounges, discotheques, nightclubs, and taverns selling alcoholic beverages.
- delivery purchases.
- dining expenses, fast food chains.
- purchases of fresh produce and groceries, including farmers’ markets.
- vending machines, desserts, juice bars, and delis purchases.

Transaction example: "OXXO CIPRESES"
Home & LifeComing soon!- furniture, bedding, and home accessories and appliances.
- dental, optician, and medical expenses
- gym and fitness centers, personal training, workout classes, memberships (including country clubs and private golf courses)
- manicures, haircuts, waxing, spa and massage services, and bath and beauty products.
- wash and fold, and dry cleaning expenses.
- pharmacies, drugstores, nutrition, and vitamin shops.
- prevention and care procedures for animals and pets.
- elementary, high school, professional schools, and college tuition and fees.
- professional services, consulting fees, and other types of service-based payments.

Transaction example: "ELEKTRA MEXIC"
Income & Payments- Freelance
- Interest
- Retirement
- Salary
- Government
- Rent
- Other
- online sales (including gig economy income like Uber.

- interests on loans and bank balance.
Transaction example:"REND PAGO APLIC AUT APR"

- income from pension and social insurance programs.
Transaction example: "Benefício INSS"

- salary
Transaction example:"LIQUIDO DE VENCIMENTO"

- Unemployment programs
Transaction example: "LC 110/01 DOC FGTS"

- passive incomes from property rental (such as residential housing and commercial facilities)
Transaction example:"SISPAG OLITON IMOVEIS"

- reward programs, cashback, reimbursements, and advance expenses.
Investments & SavingsNot applicable- money savings, retirement funds, and long-term investments.

Transaction example:"ABONO INTERESES AHORROS”
Online Platforms & LeisureComing soon!- gambling, casinos, government, and sports betting.
- digital and in-person music purchases (including music streaming services, podcast subscriptions, and record stores).
- purchases and long-term memberships at sporting events, music venues, concerts, museums, zoos, and amusement parks.
- In-home movie streaming services, movie theaters, and video rentals.
- gaming subscriptions and purchases.

Transaction example: "NETFLIX COM CR"
Personal ShoppingComing soon!- bookstores, and newsstands, including magazines and newspaper subscriptions.
- apparel, shoes, jewelry, thrift / vintage stores, and subscription boxes like Stitch Fix.
- electronics stores and websites
- multi-purpose e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay.
- photo, gifts, gift cards, and floral stores.
- office goods and printing stores.

Transaction example:"LIVERPOOL POR INTERNET"
TaxesComing soon!- tax payments, including income and property taxes.
- car and real estate registration fees.
- driving license, passport renewal, immigration services, and bail and bond payments.
- charitable, political, and religious donations.
- tax returns and other transactions related to miscellaneous government and non-profit agencies.

Transaction example:"IVA COM MEMBRESIA"
TransfersNot applicable- generic transfers with another account, including TED, DOC, PIX in Brazil, wire, and ACH transactions.

Transaction example:"SPEI RECIBIDOSTP"
Transport & TravelComing soon!- oil changes, car washes, repairs, tires, towing, auto parts, and similar expenses.
- car rentals, charter buses, vans, scooters, and moving trucks as well as non-motorized vehicles.
- airline airfare, baggage fees, and related expenses.
- gas station purchases, such as gasoline, fuel, or petrol refueling.
- hotels, motels, and hosted accommodations such as Airbnb.
- tolls for highways and bridges and parking (including long-term vehicle storage).
- public transportation, including rail and train, buses, metro, and ferry.
- taxi, ride share, and limousine services.
- other transactions related to Wi-Fi services, travel agencies, tours, private boats, and cruises.

Transaction example:"UBER TRIP HELP.UBER.COM"
Unknown*Not applicable- transactions with descriptions that are indecipherable, illegible, empty, or only numbers.

Transaction example:"128393"
Withdrawal & ATMNot applicable- money withdrawal in ATM machines.

Transaction example:"RETIRO CAJERO AUTOMATICO"

* For clients not using our Transaction Categorization product, we return null instead.