Just to make sure we are all on the same page - get familiar with some of the words we use.


An Account is the representation of a bank account inside a financial institution. An end-user can have several Accounts inside a Link. For example, in a bank one Link can have a checking account, several credit cards, and even loan or investment accounts.


A Balance represents the financial status of an Account at a given time.


An Income represents a list of insights about the income of a user through their bank account. For example, the different income sources, the income transactions, how certain we are that a source is actually income.


An Institution is an entity that Belvo can access information from. This can be a bank or fiscal office.


An Invoice is the representation of an electronic invoice, that can be received or sent by a business or an individual and has been uploaded to the fiscal institution website.

Multiple INFLOW (invoice received) and OUTFLOW (invoice sent) invoices can be retrieved inside each link coming from a fiscal institution.


A Link is a set of credentials associated with an end-user's access to an Institution. For example, the username and password used to log in to an online banking platform.

You need to register a Link before accessing information (such as Account or Transaction details) from that specific end user.


An Owner represents the person who has access to a Link and is the owner of all the Accounts inside the Link.

Secret Key

A Secret Key is an ID and password pair you need to authenticate with the Belvo API. You need to create a Secret Key before making API calls. When you register a Secret Key (via our dashboard), you'll receive the ID and password pair via email.

Tax compliance status

A Tax compliance status gives an indication of whether a person or business is complying with their tax obligations at the moment of the request. The information is extracted from SAT's Opinión de cumplimiento de Obligaciones Fiscales document.

Tax returns

A Tax return is the representation of the tax return document sent every year by a person or a business to the tax authority in the country.

The tax return data structure will be different depending on if it is related to a person or a business.

Tax status

A Tax status (Constancia de situación fiscal) is the representation of a person's or business's tax situation in the country, according to the tax authority.

The tax status data structure will be different depending on if it is related to a person or a business.


A Transaction contains the detailed information of each movement inside an Account.