Incomes (Webhooks)

Reference information for our incomes webhook events.

Historical update

With single links, you can choose to add fetch_resources: ["INCOMES", "TRANSACTIONS"] when you create the link so that Belvo asynchronously performs an enrichment analysis of the user's transactions to identify any incomes. You will receive a historical_update notification whenever the incomes analysis is available for you to access.

  "webhook_id": "75f0c2ca92e64f228da04cc7f5039c03",
  "webhook_type": "INCOMES",
  "process_type": "historical_update",
  "webhook_code": "historical_update",
  "link_id": "16f68516-bcbc-4cf7-b815-c500d4204e28",
  "request_id": "4363b08b-51eb-4350-9c74-5df5ac92a7f6",
  "external_id": "your_external_id",
  "data": {
    "total_incomes": 1, // Always = 1, Indicates that the analysis is ready for retrieval.
    "number_of_income_streams": 5, // Total number of income stream identified.

Once you receive the notification, you can get further details by making the following request:

curl --request GET '{id}' \
-u [Secret Key ID]:[Secret Key PASSWORD]


  • {id} is the link_id you receive in your historical_update notification.