Tax compliance status (Webhooks)

Reference information for our Tax compliance status webhook events.

Historical update

As soon as your fiscal recurrent link is created, we asynchronously load the tax compliance status document. You will receive a historical_update notification whenever the document is available for you to access.

  "webhook_id": "03d1ca0d62db4f769488265d141047b7",
  "webhook_type": "TAX_COMPLIANCE_STATUS",
  "process_type": "historical_update",
  "webhook_code": "historical_update",
  "link_id": "2f5d361d-dad6-45d4-a0bf-26d479766067",
  "request_id": "4363b08b-51eb-4350-9c74-5df5ac92a7f6",
  "external_id": "your_external_id",
  "data": {
    "total_tax_compliance_status": 1 // The total number of tax compliance statement documents

Once you receive the notification, you can get further details by making the following request:

curl --request GET '{id}' \
-u [Secret Key ID]:[Secret Key PASSWORD]


  • {id} is the link_id you receive in your historical_update notification.